March weather brings Madison County students yet another snow day

Marshall, N.C. snows. Photo: Chris H. Worley

Some mountain students are enjoying yet another day off due to winter weather that moved in Tuesday morning.

At least four school systems cancelled classes, including Madison County Schools.

Bu late morning, it was sunny skies over Madison High School, but that was not the case earlier.

We saw snow falling during our morning newscast, that tapered off toward daybreak.

Within the last two weeks, Madison County students have missed four days.

Superintendent Jim Causby says when making a decision about class on a day like this, he keeps in mind not only school buses on the roads, but students who drive themselves to school.

“This morning the temperatures were bad, and a lot of our side roads were covered with snow and ice, and if you look at them now they’re perfectly fine, but they were not perfectly fine this morning. You make the best decision you can based upon safety,” Causby said.

Causby says Madison County students have missed 14 days so far this school year. Five school days have also been delayed due to weather.

That missed time has been added to the end of the school year and as of now the last student day is May 31, 2018.

Causby says there are currently no plans to alter spring break or hold saturday school.

With more snow in the forecast for Wednesday, Causby says it could mean yet another day off for students.

Officials will decide around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, so stay tuned to News 13 for the latest on any school delays or closings.

You can view our updated closings list here anytime.

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