Mark Meadows hosts town hall at Blue Ridge Community College

Congressman Mark Meadows speaks at the Bo Thomas Auditorium, on the campus Blue Ridge Community College, where Meadows hosted a town hall. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Congressman Mark Meadows hosted a town hall meeting for the 11th district on Monday, August 7, at Blue Ridge Community College.

The meeting was held in the Bo Thomas Auditorium from 6-8 p.m.

Protesters had already begun to gather outside of the town hall venue around 4 p.m. Protesters News 13 spoke with said they were happy the town hall was being held, because they wanted to speak with Meadows.

The questions at the Town Hall ranged from border security, the economy, and term limits for members of congress, but the many if not most of the questions were about healthcare.

The congressman's comments were met with both cheering and boos from the crowd, but after the town hall, audience member said they were happy to have the opportunity to talk to Meadows. One audience member described the crowd as "vocal but respectful," and Meadows thanked the audience for being respectful in his closing remarks.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office and Blue Ridge College Campus Police shared the following rules and safety guidelines for those attending the Town Hall and protesters:

  1. Everyone entering will be subject to search, so please ensure that you do not possess any weapons or items that may be used as a weapon, including small pocket knives, nail files and clippers. There will be no bags permitted inside, including camera bags, backpacks, and computer bags. Ladies choosing to take their purse into the event must have it open and prepared for inspection in the search area located just inside the front doors. For safety, only 8X11 paper signs are permitted inside the auditorium; they may not be cardboard or attached to a handle.
  2. Protesters must remain in the designated protest area at all times. This is located in the grassy area around the flag pole.
  3. All roadways in and around the college campus must remain clear allowing vehicle traffic to flow unobstructed at all times.
  4. Once inside the venue, there will be no re-entry permitted once you leave. All aisles must remain clear and open in the event for the need of an emergency exit; you must remain at your seat at all times unless you are exiting the venue or visiting the restrooms.
  5. All umbrellas must be left inside the first door upon entering the building, and will remain there until your departure.

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