McDowell bar owner comes in to work on Sunday to give back to 'welcoming' community

Photo: WLOS staff

In McDowell on Sunday afternoon, we spoke with emergency officials.

There weren't many calls on accidents, but there were dozens of calls about downed trees and power outages.

Plows are out on I-40 trying to clear those roads after a heavy snow overnight. We measured about 7 inches in Marion.

We spoke with a local bar owner who decided to just stay put at his business, as he didn't want to risk anything happening while he was gone.

But there was another reason he wanted to come in to work.

"No, we're not open for business," said Jeremy Suttles, the owner of Boondocks Sports Bar & Grill. "We're here, we can cook if somebody's around in the area. Don't have power or anything like that. It's another reason we stay, so we can make sure people have food. The community has been real good to us. They've been welcoming to us. Been here for about a year and three months now, and you, know we just want to be able to give them what they've offered us."

On Sunday at 2 p.m., Duke Power showed 1152 customers in McDowell County without power.

In WNC, over 60,000 residents are still without power as repair crews respond.

On Sunday, the Marion police department asked residents to stay home and off the roads. The official MOD press release is below:

With the snow amounts continuing to accumulate in our area, again we would like to request to the motoring public, to STAY HOME and not be out on the roadways.
The City of Marion Public Works Department and NCDOT are working to try and clear and maintain roadways, which is becoming more difficult with the number of motorist that are travelling. Emergency Personnel are continuing assisting motorist that are becoming stranded, due to the snow, which is making clearing the roadways more difficult.
We do realize that snow is part of nature's beauty and can make for a scenic drive, but we would again request that you stay home. Please allow these professionals the ability to clear our roadways, to ensure that Emergency Personnel, Duke Energy, and REA have the needed access to restore any outages and help with any emergencies.
Thank you.
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