Mobile Track: Road condition report from Yancey County

    Photo: WLOS

    In WNC, slick roads will be a concern Saturday night into Sunday morning.

    DOT crews began pre-treating the roads Friday evening. On Saturday, they started to lay salt as the icy rain began to fall.

    “The hard thing about ice is it’s really hard to try to plow it off the roadway. With snow, we can actually use our snowplows and plow the snow off and apply salt to keep it from freezing back,” said Chris Deyton, DOT maintenance engineer for Madison and Yancey counties.

    Deyton said they’re always hoping for snow over ice.

    “The issue with ice, if it gets down and bonds the snowplows have a hard time getting it off the road. We have to apply a lot more chemical de-icer to remove it from the roadway.”

    In Yancey County, they will have 15 DOT trucks working the roads through the night.

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