More restaurants, retail shops popping up in South Asheville

South Asheville is growing with more restaurants and retailers expanding to the region. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

South Asheville continues to grow with more restaurants and retailers expanding to the region.

Biscuit Head is the latest restaurant announcing plans to add another location.

“We kind of got the vibe the locals weren't coming around as much because it was so busy. The lines were so long, so we decided on this third Asheville location to kind of take it out somewhere where it would be more accessible to the locals,” said Amy Wester, the restaurant’s managing partner.

The plan is to open the restaurant at 1994 Hendersonville Road no later than March.

“It's always a nervous process, but a very exciting one at the same time,” Wester said.

Over the summer, White Duck Taco opened up shop at its newest location in South Asheville.

“Everyone would complain we don't want to deal with downtown and the traffic, so we've been looking for a place in South Asheville for a while,” Laura Reuss said at the time.

And it’s not just the restaurants coming to this section of town.

Commercial agent Paul Ellis with Pulliam Properties is behind the up and coming shopping center on Long Shoals.

“There's no really good retail on that street. Everybody's got to go Airport Road to hit some of these stores," Ellis said.

He said a gym, nail salon and more shops are planned for the area.

With more apartments getting filled with more people, he said the location provides the perfect spot for smaller franchisees.

“It's just all coming at once, and we've been needing it for a while. And I don't think it's going to slow down, to answer your question,” he said.

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