Mother says racial bullying led to fight between her son and another student

    A Haywood County mother said racially-motivated bullying led to a fight between her son and another student, a fight that resulted in her son facing legal charges. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    A Haywood County mother said racially-motivated bullying led to a fight between her son and another student. It ended with injuries to one student and her son, who is biracial, facing charges.

    Jordan Johnson said her 15-year-old son was confronted by a student Wednesday in a bathroom at Pisgah High School.

    Johnson said her son was pushed and called a racial slur ... an "Alabama wind chime." She said her son stood his ground, fighting back, injuring the other student's eye.

    While feeling badly for the student's injury, Johnson said it's not fair that her son was taken into juvenile justice and charged, while the other student went home.

    “We were told at first it was a felony assault inflicting serious injury, and now it's been dropped down to a misdemeanor,” she said. “I feel like that my son was defending himself.”

    Johnson said there's been ongoing racial tension between the student and her son.

    “Where do you draw the line,” she asked. “When does he have enough that he stands his ground? He should have some kind of punishment for what he’s done to my son because it was a hate crime.

    “Our children do not pick their race. They didn't get to choose to be white, black or anything of that sort. They should be treated fairly. This is 2018."

    The investigation is ongoing by law enforcement and the school district.

    “Certainly, both of these acts would result in discipline for both students,” Haywood County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bill Nolte said.

    Johnson said her son's case goes to court in Haywood County on Friday afternoon. She wants to see his charges dropped and incidents like this end.

    “Racism is not something that you're born with. You’re taught that, and we have to do better as parents and teach our children that we are the same. This needs to come to an end,” Johnson said.

    Pisgah High School confirms that both students involved will face disciplinary action.

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