Mountain neighbors meet over health concerns about utility smart meters

    Photo: WLOS staff

    Controversy over the use of smart meters took center stage in Black Mountain on Saturday.

    Swannanoa Valley for Safe Technology held its first meeting, at the White Horse on State Street.

    Organizers say the main concern is wireless radiation from radio-frequency smart meters that utility companies use to remotely measure home energy consumption.

    Members say there's documented evidence that potential dangers far outweigh any technological or financial advantage.

    "It's a massive massive health risk," said concerned resident Maria Parrano. "Cancers, tumors, leukemias, and many other health issues which seem smaller or less important than cancer or tumor risk, but they interrupt people's lives."

    Duke Energy confirms smart-meters use radio-frequency technology, but says the levels are similar to those of cell phones and home satellite dishes.

    Everyone at the meeting signed a petition that will be sent to Duke and local legislators.

    Learn more about electromagnetic fields here from the World Health Organization.

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