Nationwide body scanning campaign comes to Asheville

The Size World body scanning trailer sits in the parking lot of Asheville's Treetops Adventure Park. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

The entire process only takes about half an hour. The actual scanning only takes a few seconds and makes hundreds of measurements down to the millimeter.

Size World North America is touring the country while taking measurements using its state of the art 3D body scanner. It plans to scan more than 17,000 people from across the U.S. and Canada, in all demographics and regions, to get a better understanding of different body types.

Chad Shehdan is a 3D body scanning coordinator with Size World North America.

"So, we're trying to update sizing standards for all types of industries," Shehdan said. "Furniture, clothing, automotive, aerospace, pretty much any type of industry that makes a product the human body is going to go into, they can use this data to make it better fitting, safer even."

In turn, interested companies in different consumer industries, namely in fashion and the automotive world, will use the data to better design their products.

"Because they might be making a size that really only a small percentage of their target market even fits in to, and they really don't have a good way of knowing that," Shehdan said.

Volunteers can sign up in advance online or just show up at the trailer's location. It will be open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. through Saturday, Oct. 14, in the Asheville Treetop's Adventure Park parking lot.

Once a questionnaire is completed, five manual measurements are taken of the volunteer's height, weight and size of the head and arm. It's a type of quality control.

Volunteers then head into a private room to drop their clothes, except for underwear. The body scanner doesn't use X-rays and as such, can't see through clothing.

Once in the scanning room, several scans are taken, which generate an avatar of the volunteer's body. That data is not attached to the volunteer's name and the face is blurred.

In exchange for the scan, Size World is offering free passes to the Treetop's Adventure Park, a $47 value.

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