Woman confronts would be thief, neighborhood on edge after car break-in

Courtesy: WLOS staff

A neighborhood near Biltmore Village says they're on edge after a car break-in.

Donna asked us not to show her face or use her last name, but told us she confronted a would-be thief at about 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning.

She says she heard noises outside and was already concerned because she thought someone had tried to break into her car recently. When she walked outside, Donna claims she saw a man going through her neighbor's car. She called 911 and confronted the man.

"She saw a suspicious car, she saw him under the car port, and she came out," neighbor Billy Cochran explained. "She said I’ve got the police on the phone, and he ran."

"I told him he needed to leave the neighborhood and leave right now," Donna said. "And that I was on the phone with police and they were on their way and he would be caught."

A police report was filed, but the neighbors say no suspect has been arrested.

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