Brother Wolf partners with website that pairs pets with homes

Photo credit: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

The decision to surrender a pet can be a heart-wrenching one, but for some owners it is their only option.

A new website,, is aimed at helping families re-home their pets with caring owners.

If you have a pet you can no longer care for, you can make a free profile for your pet. If you are looking for a pet, you also browse GetYourPet for free.

The website helps broadcast information about pet that are available for adoption.

Each pet has a profile and a bio written by their owner. Some owners explain why they can no longer care for their pet.

Brother Wolf told News 13 Saturday morning that its partnership with has helped immensely because it frees up space in their shelter.

When people call Brother Wolf needing to rehome a pet, they suggest, and can also provide a courtesy post on the BWAR website.

"We're finding pet parents are able to rehome their pets more quickly using that service and the animal never has to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue," a BWAR representative wrote to us in an email.

With, current pet owners can safely message with and meet potential adopters, so they can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their pet is going to a good home.

Potential adopters can also learn about pets from the guardians who know them best, and meet the animal in a low-stress environment.

The Get Your Pet Adoption Package includes a free examination by a local, participating Get Your Pet veterinarian. Some veterinarians, designated with a ? on the website's list, will also provide a free rabies shot, if needed.

Right now, in May 2018, Brother Wolf is at capacity. For that reason, it is waiving dog adoption fees from May 5 until May 12, according to Heath Thompson, an adoption counselor with the shelter.

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