New sheriff elected in Henderson County, focuses on making change

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Henderson County will have a new sheriff come December after a surprise victory Tuesday night.

Sheriff-elect Lowell Griffin worked for the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office and now works for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

During his watch party he spoke with News 13 saying one of the main changes he plans to make is body cameras for sheriff’s deputies.

He also said school safety is a big issue he’ll be taking a look at.

Griffin said he thought he’d win, but was surprised by the wide margin he won by.

“It’s really kind of surreal. But you know, I feel like my priorities have been to channel all of the energy that this folks have brought to me. It’s really been their energy and their perseverance that’s put us where we’re at,” Sheriff-elect Lowell Griffin said.

Sheriff Charles McDonald said he was surprised by the results, but will doing everything he can to make for a smooth transition.

“There’s not another thing I think that we our or team could’ve done differently to affect the outcome and that’s all you can do. Like I said, we left it all on the field and it’s not good enough, but it’s good enough for us. So, I’m good to go,” Sheriff McDonald said.

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