Groundbreaking on Asheville West expected to begin in 60 days

Groundbreaking on the first homes in the Asheville West subdivision is expected to begin soon on 20 acres at 1773 Old Haywood Road. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Harold Crisp has lived in his West Asheville home on Lakeside Drive since 1972.

"Can't fight change ..." Crisp said when asked about 79 homes coming to his neighborhood.

But even with all of the changes Crisp has seen, he is concerned about the Asheville West subdivision earmarked for 20 acres at 1773 Old Haywood Road.

"I'm worried about the highways over here because they're so crowded right now and everybody uses this as a shortcut going back and forth to different places," he said.

Meanwhile, Crisp's neighbor, Jai Veda, a performer in downtown Asheville, said he's comfortable in this quiet, affordable neighborhood.

"I walk around with my dog in skirts and fishnets and nobody bats an eye. I like that kind of neighborhood," Veda said.

"Each home site will be cleared so we can save as many trees as possible," Asheville West developer John Hale said.

Hale pointed out this land was developed in 2001 and said all the roads are in.

"The county was prepared to put in 240 units. We're only developing four units per acre, so 79 units," Hale said.

Hale, who has built subdivisions in Cashiers, said this is his first development in Asheville.

The Buncombe County Board of Adjustments recently approved the project.

Hale described the homes as "mountain modern" with pricing starting in the mid-$300,000 range.

"Keep the theme, a little bit of elbow room, trying to keep as much mountain character as we can," Hale said.

Groundbreaking on the first homes begins in 60 days, with the entire subdivision taking four years to complete, Hale said.

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