Out-of-state firefighter thanks WNC community for show of support

Out-of-state firefighter, Micah Booze, is thanking locals for their support of those battling wildfires across Western North Carolina. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

An out-of-state firefighter is thanking locals for their support of those battling wildfires across Western North Carolina.

Wildfires continue to burn and bring in crews from all over the country. Along with donations, "Thank you's" continue to pour in, like from Shannon Wilson.

Wilson posted a "Thank you" on News 13's Facebook page after returning to her Lake Lure home and finding her American flag had been rolled up and safely stored inside of her glass door.

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The post has since been shared nearly 95,000 times.

Micah Booze, a U.S. Forest Service officer in Alaska, happened upon Wilson's post.

"She was just super happy to come home to her house and really attributed that all to us," he said.

Replying to someone's post on social media isn't the norm for Booze, but he said the support fire crews have received isn't the norm either.

"Out west where they have fires and deal with it every day, people just drive by and go to work or go home or whatever," Booze said. "We're away from our families which is a big sacrifice. It's still worth it. However, to be viewed and perceived and appreciated on the large scale that the Southern hospitality was shown us is a special thing."

It might seem odd, but what he did was thank the woman for thanking them.

"I tried to throw it back to the people that were thanking us and showing gratitude by showing them gratitude for taking us in and appreciating us," Booze said. "And, once again, keeping us in their thoughts and prayers, and loving us while we're away from our loves back home."

Booze really wants no credit, saying it's his job to protect these mountains.

"They'll defend their friends as they would their children. They're more intelligent than average. They're harder working than average and they're way more generous than average," Booze said.

If you would like to help out these firefighters, you can donate to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation to support families of injured or fallen firefighters.

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