Latest: Railroad spokesperson says person was deceased on tracks before train arrived

Photo/video credit: WLOS Staff

Right now we’re working to find out more information about a person found dead on the Blue Ridge Southern Railroad tracks near Hazel Mill Road in West Asheville.

We brought it to you as breaking news Tuesday morning.

We were in Krissia Martinez’s backyard, so close to the tracks that you can still see the marks from first responders' vehicles who came to the scene Monday night.

Asheville police tell us the incident happened around midnight.

We were initially told by police that a person was struck and killed by a train, but a spokesperson for the company who operates the rail line, Watco Companies, says person was dead before the train approached.

Police tell us the death is still under investigation.

Watco Companies says this is first time something like this has happened on the Blue Ridge Southern Railroad.

"It was just a very normal night, and then out of nowhere I hear about something happening, so out of the ordinary, especially for the neighborhood. It’s very quiet around here," said Martinez.

The scene was clear overnight and we saw a train running around 11 a.m., so it appears things are back to normal.

Investigators have not released the name of the person found on the tracks last night, saying they are trying to reach family members.

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