Pet pig in Hendersonville is the talk of the town

Customers have learned to dig Lawfawnduh, a miniature pig, at Flowers by Larry, a Hendersonville flower shop. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Customers have learned to dig a miniature pig at a Hendersonville flower shop.

When you walk into a place called Flowers by Larry, the expectations are self-explanatory. This, however, is is not your garden variety flower shop.

If you snooze, you'll lose out on a chance to see how owner Larry Crume has farmed out the job of shop mascot.

"'Cause I am very smitten with her,” said Crume, who first brought Lafawnduh a couple years ago. “She weighed seven pounds when we got her. Then, you add water. And as soon as you add water, they expand like a sponge."

At 100 pounds, the pig is one big sponge.

Why Lafawnduh?

"That was the nod to the little indy film "Napolean Dynamite," Crume explained. “And, if you remember, that was the girlfriend."

One look at that wagging tail and you, too, will fawn all over Lafawnduh.

"They train very very quickly,” Crume said. "I always say a pig is like a combination of a cat and a dog, cleaner than any cat I've ever owned and smarter than any dog."

Her daily regimen includes regular outings.

Lisa Tyler Ariola marvels at how well behaved Lafawnduh is.

"She knows we come out here for business,” Ariola said. “We let her, you know, do her thing. They just are more, um, pig-headed."

Sometimes a story writes itself.

Pigs are intelligent animals capable of feeling empathy and love.

When Crume's not there, she pulls her bed up to spot where he often arranges flowers. Then she sleeps, waiting for the sound of his car.

"It makes you feel loved,” Crume said. “I mean, as simple as that."

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