Police: Body found following call to concert disruption

Jonquise Lamont Freeman's last known location was a concert on Foundy Street the previous night. On Sunday evening, police say Freeman's family members discovered his body nearby on Lyman Street. (Photo credit: Sean Redden)

The Asheville Police Department is investigating after a report of shots fired at a concert on Saturday and the discovery of an Asheville man's body the following day.

On Saturday, officers were dispatched to the RAD Skate Park at 37 Foundy Street after reports of a fight in progress during a concert. While on the way to the scene, officers received reports of gunshots being fired.

Once the officers arrived, they said they found evidence that multiple gunshots had been fired. However, no victims of gunshot wounds were reported, located at the scene, nor reported to Mission Hospital.

At 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 10, officers received a missing report for Jonquise Lamont Freeman, 24, of Asheville. Freeman's father said Jonquise's last known location was the concert on Foundy Street the previous night.

After the missing person's report, two police officers responded to the Foundy Street location, but were unable to find Jonquise.

On Sunday evening, police say Freeman's family members discovered his body nearby on Lyman Street. Asheville Police Department said an autopsy on Freeman revealed no gunshot wounds or signs of trauma to the body.

"We know that there were witnesses to the incidents that occurred that night because the concert was well attended," Christina Hallingse, of the Asheville Police Department, said. "So, anyone that can provide us additional information on the shooting that night or information surrounding when Jonquise went missing or what might have happened to him , we encourage people to call the police department."

Police are still waiting for more information from the autopsy as a cause of death has yet to be determined.

Sean Redden grew up with Freeman and says he loved music.

"Music was his life," said Redden. "He was a rapper. [He] put out a bunch of stuff. It was really his passion."

Like many others, he just wants to know what happened to give closure to family and friends.

"I feel like at a concert, someone had to have seen something. Not even just for us. For him and his family. They deserve some closure. I mean he was a young kid, full life ahead of him, so they deserve to know. I hope they get the answers they're looking for," said Redden.

The two incidents remain under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Asheville Police Department at (828) 252-1110 or Buncombe County Crime Stoppers at (828) 255-5050.

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