Police: Stolen car found submerged in the river has to stay there--for now

Photo: WLOS staff

Firefighters tell us that a stolen car found on Saturday, submerged in the French Broad River in the RAD at the Craven Street bridge, was not occupied.

Tubers spotted it in the river, and called police.

Police say recent rains made is difficult to remove the car, which according to one firefighter on the scene Saturday, is a Jaguar.

"To remove the vehicle with the water at this level would be a major undertaking, and being that there was not suspected foul play we made the decision to leave it where it was. When the water level goes down we'll reassess that," said Lieutenant Geoffrey Rollins.

Police are trying to locate the owner of the vehicle to return it.

The circumstances surround the stolen vehicle and how it ended up in the river are still being investigated.

Police say no foul play is suspected.

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