Police chief: Gunman at Fletcher CVS killed, no others hurt

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

A gunman who came into the Fletcher CVS with a weapon Wednesday is dead, authorities say.

Police Chief Erik Summey said a gunman came into the Fletcher CVS around 12:17 p.m. through the front of the store. He said six Fletcher officers responded to a call to 911 that a gunman was inside and confronted him.

“They located him in the back of the store,” Summey said. “There was a storage room area he was in.”

He says the officers located the suspect in the back of the store, that the gunman confronted the officers, and the officers fired killing the suspect.

“They gave him specific commands to obey them and if he had the weapon," Summey added. "I’m sure that's something they did, and whether or not he didn’t comply, which apparently he didn’t, which is why we're having this conversation now."

On Facebook Live, Carolyn Mills told News 13 her pregnant daughter was at the register working when the gunman came in. She said she was not sure if the man pointed the gun at her daughter.

“She’s 30-weeks pregnant,” said Mills, who was on her way to the hospital to check on her daughter.

“I know the manager sent all of them and locked them up in the pharmacy,” Mills said.

Chief Summey could not confirm the scenario Mills described. He said he did not know what the gunman said to witnesses, if anything. He also said he was not sure if the man intended to rob the store.

“I don't know. We may not know the answer to that, since we can't talk to him,” Summey said.

Fletcher officers were seen throughout the day questioning people and staff who were in the store.

Summey said he is certain officers followed protocol.

“We go through all types of training conflict resolution,” Summey said. “Things like that, to talk to people. This is the worst case scenario an officer doesn't want to be in. But sometimes we all know that's a possibility with this job. And I’m fortunate none of our officers were injured.”

Summey said the suspect’s body remained in the store for hours because the scene was under investigation and the SBI was also going to investigate the shooting scene.

Summey said this is the first police action shooting in the eight years he has been Fletcher’s police chief.

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