Police issue alert after counterfeit $100 bills found in WNC

The bills have foreign pink characters printed on the front and back as well as black lines across a corner. (Photo credit: Tryon Police)

The next time you're handed a $100 bill, you might want to make sure it's the real deal.

Counterfeit $100 notes have been reported across the country, some even as far away as Australia.

Police in Tryon issued an alert Wednesday urging caution from businesses and consumers after several phony bills were passed to an area bank teller.

The notes don't feel like real money, have bright pink Chinese characters printed on both sides and dashed black lines across one corner of the bill.

Kipper Schauer, an on air personality with Mix 96.5 in Asheville, found two of the bills in the Rankin parking garage downtown.

"I bent down to pick it up and instantly thought who would drop a $100, and then instantly noticed it was a little bit off," Schauer said. "The texture wasn't quite right, the color was a little bit too dark and there were these large pink Chinese characters on the front."

After searching online, Schauer found where the bills came from.

"It turned out they were bank training notes from China. Training Chinese bankers what American currency looks like and they look very similar to American currency."

It may appear, obviously, that the notes are fake, but in a fast paced environment with poor lighting it could be tough to tell.

"I could see if you were in a dark bar it might slip by," says Bobby Smith, a server at Bonfire Barbeque. "But, when I get these, I always check them out. We always have a counterfeit pen that you can use. You run a line across it, if it shows up brown, it's no good."

It should be noted that money markers we tested didn't show up on the bills and the hidden features that show up when a bill is held up to light aren't there.

A spokesperson for the Asheville Police Department told News 13 they were not aware of the bills, but are asking anyone who finds counterfeit currency to report it.

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