Polk County officials confirm human skull and bones found; investigation ongoing

    Photo/video credit: WLOS Staff

    Polk County officials confirm, a human skull and numerous other bones were found between the 3000 - 4000 block of Howard Gap Road in Saluda in Polk Co. at the bottom of an embankment Tuesday.

    Sheriff Tim Wright says deputies finished collecting the skeletal remains late Wednesday morning.

    The remains are being transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Columbus. The county medical examiner will look at the remains and either send them to Raleigh or Winston-Salem for the state medical examiner to the look at them.

    The remains are believed to be from a female due to the clothing. The age or any other details are unknown at this time.

    Investigators are sending out a message to other law enforcement offices in the region to see if they have any missing persons cases that might be related to the remains found.

    The area where the body was found has had a small mudslide recently, but investigators don’t know if the mudslide moved the body from its original location.

    Sheriff Wright says there are no obvious signs of trauma, like gunshot wounds or evidence of blunt force trauma and, at this time, they have no estimate for how long the remains had been there.

    Investigators just waiting for results from the medical examiner and to see what they determine.

    Unclear right now if there was foul play, but investigators are treating this like a homicide, just in case.

    Sheriff Wright says there is no reason right now that the public should be concerned.

    “It happens from time to time, but it’s not like an everyday occurrence,” Sheriff Wright said.

    If anybody has a missing loved one, possibly a female, call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office with any information.

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