Footage of Asheville wedding stolen along with videographer's gear

    Videographer Will Brank says clips of Curry and Maddie Shoff's wedding in Asheville were taken along with some gear. They hope the thief will at least return a memory card full of precious data. (Photo credit: Keith and Lakyn Marwitz)

    The case of a stolen camera leaves a newlywed couple without something priceless.

    Their videographer says clips of their wedding in Asheville were taken, along with some gear. They hold out hope the thief will at least return a memory card full of precious data.

    "There was a lot more than just camera equipment stolen on that day," said Will Brank of William Charles Media. "The memories are ultimately what matters. Items can be replaced, memories can't."

    It happened on December 15 at the Asheville Mall, just hours after Curry and Maddie Shoff of Charlotte tied the knot at the Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore Village.

    Brank was Christmas shopping and before he returned to his car, someone took his Canon Rebel SL2 camera--gimbaland much more.

    "The gimbal, the camera, and the lens that was attached to it. We're probably talking about 1400 dollars," he says.

    Of course, that pales in comparison to the value of the video on the memory card inside.

    "The first thing that came to mind actually was that this set of memories may be taken from the bride and groom," Brank said.

    "Having that happened is really bad luck, because there's so much stuff that you want to remember," Curry Shoff said, still on his honeymoon in Switzerland. "If they access the camera and see what's on it, they're gonna know that it's pretty special footage. We would really love it back."

    On Tuesday, Will posted about the crime on Facebook. It's been shared a lot, but there are no leads in the case so far.

    "It's been overwhelming, the response on social media," Brank said. "After speaking with Asheville Police a lot of people, if they see this, and are involved with what has happened. People sometimes will come forward. "

    "The most important piece of equipment I hope to get back is the SD card," the post reads. "Simply so I can give this lovely couple the memories that they hired me to provide."

    Brank is in the business of capturing wedding memories. While still photos capture moments, Brank tells us video documents the experience.

    "Having a video to relive is kind of like getting to live back in the moment," he told News 13.

    Sadly, Will can only describe his video of the event.

    "The first look between the father and the bride. The kiss during the ceremony. Just all the highlights people have enjoyed from their weddings," he recalled.

    The best they can hope for now, is that the suspect has a heart.

    "You just hope that maybe someone would open it up and see that, 'Oh there are wedding photos and video in there,'" Shoff said. "Maybe they'll have a change of heart and drop it off somewhere. No questions asked."

    Brank has offered to compensate the mother of the bride, who paid for his services.

    He says she has been extremely understanding and told him repaying her won't be necessary. Everyone involved is more focused on getting the video back.

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