Principal urges vaccinations for students after 4 confirmed cases of chickenpox

(FILE) Person with Chicken pox, Photo Date: October 2010 (Photo credit: Camiloaranzales)

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. -- The principal at a local high school urges parents to make sure their kids are vaccinated after four confirmed cases of chickenpox at T.C. Roberson.

Principal Bonnie Johnston said she's working with the Buncombe Health Department on the matter. All four cases happened since last Friday.

If there's another one, students who haven't been vaccinated may be kept out of school.

"We've had students that are picked up early to go and get the rest of their immunizations, so we've had great support from the community and helping to make sure we can contain it," Johnston said. "We've had four cases and think we can stay there!"

Students who are exposed can prevent chickenpox by being vaccinated within three to five days.

At the beginning of September, the North Carolina and the Department of Human Services’ Division of Public Health reminded parents and guardians of the importance of vaccinations for school-aged children.

"Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective and successful means available for preventing disease and death," State Health Director Randall Williams, M.D., said in a statement. "They help protect the vaccinated individual and the entire community by reducing and preventing the spread of infectious diseases."

Required vaccinations can be found here, and more information about immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases can be found here.

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