Red Cross workers gather supplies in case shelters are needed in snowstorm

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Red Cross workers were readying trailers Friday in case they need to open a shelter immediately to get people of roadways that might become impassable.

The trailers have everything needed, from cots to blankets, to comforts kits.

Friday, volunteers like Fran Schlesinger were putting together shelter supplies that will be staged in Henderson, McDowell and Polk counties, where volunteers said they've needed relief efforts in the past.

Volunteers have had little break this year from the spring storms to hurricane relief to the fire response in California, but said this is what they do, deal with disasters on a daily basis. And they believe they have the resources to be able to respond now.

"We're always in that preparation mode, so, even though we're responding to these major disasters, we're also preparing to restock and resupply our essential materials so we've got things on hand," Schlesinger said.

Red Cross volunteers point out they have a lot of great partner agencies that help them respond to these disasters and they will be relying on those partnerships during this winter storm.

Volunteers stressed people should have disaster kits ready -- nonperishable foods, blankets and water -- because it may not be possible to travel to a shelter if they lose power. If you need a shelter, finding out where they've been opened is as easy as going to the Red Cross emergency app or click here.

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