Road conditions cause wrecks across Asheville area

Overlook Road was a trouble spot Friday morning. (WLOS staff)

A number of wrecks were reported across Buncombe County throughout Friday.

Early in the day, a dispatcher with Buncombe County EOC said many of the wrecks were in the southern and eastern portions of the county but by the end of the day, inclement weather contributed to wrecks all over the region.

Daniel Crawford, of Asheville, decided to walk to take care of all of his errands.

“My girlfriend’s parents saw a wreck [in downtown Asheville]. I guess some guy in a truck slid off a road, hit a car. Small little fender benders, but it’s not worth risking a vehicle or injury over, you know, a little exercise,” Crawford said.

The Buncombe County division of the NCDOT remained busy throughout the day.

Scott Killough, the Buncombe County maintenance engineer, said for several hours during the heaviest downpours, he had to pull crews from the smaller highways to clear the interstates to keep them open.

Overlook Road was a trouble spot in the morning.

"Didn't want to make the news. I just wanted to make my neuro appointment at 11. It's right down the road," said stranded driver Christine Johnson of Flat Rock.

She was definitely in a good mood, which made the situation a little easier--not to mention all the people that came to her aid.

We really saw a lot of neighbors helping neighbors this morning; people hopping out of their vehicles to do what they could.

Lucky for Johnson, there was a truck with a strap. Unfortunately the strap broke, but then she had a little help from a Pennsylvania man one vehicle back who was able to get her going once again.

"I had a few stuck cars in my life," said good Samaritan Justin Powell. "I knew what to do, so told that guy what to do on the right, and that was good to go."

Once she was free, Johnson had to wait a little longer because there was another vehicle stuck in a ditch.

A tow truck was able to get that driver out, and the road re-opened.

This was one of about a handful of vehicles either stuck or struggling along Overlock Road in about an hour's time.

The big take away: If you don't have to be out...Don't be.

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