Road conditions deteriorate as snow falls in Buncombe County

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Road conditions deteriorated quickly as a second round of snow fell across the mountains Friday evening.

In Asheville, the first round of snow during the afternoon left only a dusting. But at 7 p.m, the main snow event started, causing issues on roads.

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While some drivers were out earlier in downtown Asheville, they told News 13 they wouldn't be out for long.

Locals also had advice for other people in a winter storm like this.

"If your car doesn't have four-wheel drive like mine. That's why I'm trying to hurry up, get gas and go home," Eric Wright, of Asheville, said. "Things like that. But yeah, if you're not used to it, you should definitely stay home."

"Yeah, we'll probably get in and stay in most of the weekend and avoid the roads," Chris Flanders, of Asheville, said.

"Especially if you don't have four-wheel drive, don't get out on the roads because it's unnecessary if you don't have to," Cat Chakales, of Weaverville, said.

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The snow isn't welcomed by everyone, mainly because of the headaches it can cause on the roads. But if you stay off them, it could be enjoyable.

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