2 local people among the hundreds who were sick on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Local couple Adam Parker and Candace Schuler were among the sick a Royal Caribbean cruise ship over the weekend. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

More than 300 passengers got sick from a suspected norovirus on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship over the weekend.

A cruise line spokesman said only about 6 percent of the passengers fell ill and symptoms were short-lived, but passengers said they saw people getting sick in elevators and other areas.

Adam Parker and Candace Schuler, a local couple on that cruise, were among the sick.

Parker and Schuler had been on cruises before. So, they did not expect this one to make national headlines.

Parker said on the second day of the five-day cruise, the couple noticed other passengers, including their next-door neighbors, were getting sick.

Parker and Shuler both washed their hands frequently and used hand sanitizer to avoid the norovirus.

Parker said the cruise ship was not providing room service and believes they could have handled things better.

"They were sending the people that were sick up to the dining hall with the rest of us. So, you know, they didn't care if everyone sanitize their hands or not," he said.

Parker added that the couple got a mild case of the stomach virus towards the end of the cruise.

Although Parker said he wishes they had totally avoided getting sick, he admits it could have been much worse. Two days after becoming ill, Parker says the couple is feeling fine.

The cruise ship returned to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. A spokesman said the the ship went through an intensive cleaning after it docked.

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