Saturday snows concern DOT over black ice, slick roads, downed trees, rockslides

Photo: WLOS staff

Saturday's snow caused some roads and parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway to shut down.

In Madison County, the NCDOT couldn't pretreat the roads with salt brine, because the rain would have washed it away.

Instead, it has 24 trucks available, and crews working throughout the night checking conditions and clearing roads.

On our drive from Buncombe County into Madison County it was a little rainy, and very foggy around the Sams Gap area, creating dangerous driving conditions because of the reduced visibility.

Now add on snow into the mix--that's going to make it very tricky for drivers heading out Saturday night. If you're traveling in the higher elevations, take it slow and easy out on the roads.

Some residents who live in Madison County said while the snow is always fun to look, but they are over winter weather.

"When spring first hits it's warm one week sometimes and cold the next, and (I) don't know how to dress, tell the kids wear anything. It makes it hard," said Jessica Riddle.

The DOT says that along with black ice and slick road conditions, they are also worried about downed trees and rockslides, because when it rains and freezes, that loosens up the soil and boulders .

They will work on the north-facing roads and bridges because they freeze first.

So once again, increase that following distance and take it slow out on the roads, because although it's spring there are still wintry conditions to deal with.

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