'I might have made a mistake': SC residents stay behind despite many warnings to evacuate

The scene at Folly Beach on Friday as Hurrican Matthew churns the ocean waters. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

FOLLY BEACH, N.C. -- Some people along the coast of South Carolina listened to the many warnings and decided to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Others felt they could hunker down and stay.

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"This is my sixth hurricane, so I feel pretty confident," Mystery Fisher, a Folly Beach resident, said.

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However, Fisher's confidence slowly came crashing down right alongside her husband's hope for that now missed opportunity to heed the warnings and leave.

"I might have made a mistake. Bobby asked me if I wanted to evacuate and I said no," Mystery said. "I never have before, but we'll see how it goes."

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Each passing hour the tide grows stronger and the threat of danger more real.

"I'm kind of almost regretting that I'm staying here," Bobby Fisher said.

The Fisher's next door neighbor wasted no more time, packing up and heading for Columbia. There they will be safe from the shores and the damage expected from Hurricane Matthew.

The rain and wind really picked up Friday evening with landfall possible in Charleston on Saturday, so conditions are only going to grow worse throughout the evening.

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