Macon County school intruder faces dozens of charges

Sean Hackett, 46, of Otto, faces a dozen charges after investigators say he barged into Union Academy on Thursday morning yelling, "it's time." (Photo credit: Macon County Sheriff's Office)

A Macon County man faces a dozen charges after investigators say he bolted into a school, screaming and shouting.

They say 46-year-old Sean Hackett, of Otto, barged into Union Academy on Thursday morning yelling, "it's time."

Assistant principal Devon Deal confronted him in the parking lot.

“He turned and he started yelling, ‘The children, the children,’” she says.

Deal ran inside. But before the school door locked, Hackett got inside.

Deal says, “So, now I'm running down the hall, yelling and screaming, which alerted everybody in the building that something was awry.”

“I heard the intercom come on and say, 'teachers lock all the doors,'” says neighbor Denny Ledford, who called 911.

Deal got to safety. School is out for the summer, but a few staff and kids were in the school at the time, including Deal’s 5- and 7-year-olds.

“They were OK. I told them to stay,”

Protocols kicked in. School resource officer Greg Rogers responded immediately, but the suspect ignored commands, according to Sheriff Robert Holland.

“He deployed his Taser multiple times on this individual,” says Holland.

The suspect was maneuvered back outside and taken to the ground with the SRO and responding officers.

“We're very thankful he was here yesterday with us in the building. I'm fearful what the results would have been if he had not been with us in the building yesterday. So, I'm just very thankful that our staff followed protocol,” says Deal.

Hackett is undergoing evaluation.

“I will definitely talk to him about that,” Holland says of Hackett uttering, “it’ time.”

Among the charges Hackett is facing are breaking and entering to terrorize or injure, assault on a government official and assault on a female.

The sheriff commends his SRO, and he says this incident will be studied for possible further safety measures.

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