Sealing Agents employee recounts escape from fire

Kent Schumacher was one of the workers inside the Sealing Agents building when the fire broke out Wednesday afternoon. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

A large industrial fire and explosion destroyed a building at Sealing Agents in Fletcher on Wednesday.

The heavy smoke was seen for miles as drivers and passers-by stopped to take pictures and video after the blaze started about 4 p.m.

There were no serious injuries, according to firefighters.

Workers inside reported a big explosion before firefighters got the fire under control about 5 p.m.

Kent Schumacher was one of the workers inside the building, which had a vehicle that may have started or at least added to the destruction.

"I just heard a deafening noise and ran out of the shop, and then ran around to see if anyone was in there, if everyone was OK," Schumacher said.

People nearby heard and felt the explosion that could have killed Schumacher and one of his co-workers — both a wall away from possible death.

"Nothing like I've ever experienced before,” Schumacher said. “It was just my whole body was encapsulated in this shockwave. I looked back and saw like smoke and a lot of shrapnel kind of come over this wall, and I just got out."

A wall helped Schumacher and his co-worker walk away from the major fire with minor discomfort. Schumacher reported ringing in his ears.

"Thankfully, that wall was there,” Schumacher said. “Otherwise it would be a different story."

The cause of the fire was under investigation as of Wednesday evening.

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