Sisters speak out hoping for leads in brother's shooting death

FILE - Devon Jervay Harvin, 21, died after a shooting at Asheville’s Lee Walker Heights on Saturday night. (Photo credit: Courtney Harvin)

Courtney Harvin, 18, looks at photos of her 21-year-old brother Devon Harvin, smiling with a wide-toothed grin in a picture of them together and in selfies he posted on his social media accounts. Her favorite picture is one where he’s smiling ear-to-ear with Courtney in the background.

“Because he was so happy,” Harvin said. “And he was always smiling, so it kind of speaks to his personality.”

Saturday night, her brother died. She said he suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting, under investigation by the Asheville Police Department, took place near a small set of steps by the back field and playground in Lee Walker Heights.

“I was laying in my room, and his friend had called me and told me he had got shot. So, we all rushed up to the hospital,” Harvin said.

Devon, didn’t make it.

Another man, whose name has not been released, was also shot. APD officials said the 21-year-old was in stable condition.

Devon’s sisters, including 17-year-old Clarissa, are speaking out because they hope someone cares enough about their brother to provide Asheville police with a lead that will lead to the arrest of the individual who killed their brother. Clarissa said the pain caused by the loss of her brother cuts deep.

“Out of all of us, I would say I was the closest with him,” Clarissa said. “If someone knows anything, please let somebody know.”

She hopes someone will call Asheville police.

“I'd like to know who did this to my brother. I'd like for that family to feel how we feel, how torn our family is and how we're falling apart over one person.”

To provide a tip call Crime Stoppers at 828-255-5050.

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