Swain leaders fight proposed TVA houseboat regulations

Swain leaders fight proposed TVA houseboat regulations (Photo credit: WLOS)

SWAIN COUNTY, N.C. -- Swain County leaders say no to a proposal to change houseboat regulations on Tennessee Valley Authority reservoirs, like Fontana Lake.

The TVA is set to vote May 5 on a policy to remove all floating houses and non-navigable houseboats in 20 years. Much of Fontana Lake is in Swain County, and commissioners voted unanimously Thursday night for a resolution rejecting that proposal.

"A three million dollar value that those houseboats bring in to Swain County. We do over twelve thousand dollars yearly of taxes that comes in," says Commissioner David Monteith. "At what point is TVA going to quit taking from Swain County?"

Commissioner David Monteith says the Federal Government still owes Swain County $38 million for destroying a road in the 1940's to build Fontana Dam and reservoir.

He says county leaders will attend a meeting with the TVA Tuesday morning in Chattanooga, to fight back against the houseboat proposal.

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