Rain, temperature swings create lots of work for Asheville road crews

    Asheville road crews are working to keep up with high number of potholes in the area. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    The cold and rainy weather has been taking a toll on Asheville roadways.

    "Crews are very busy with potholes," Asheville Public Works director Greg Shuler said. "Honestly, it's fairly common this time of year and in this part of the country, but it keeps our crews very busy."

    The freezing temperatures early in the week, followed by warmer weather, are ideal conditions to form potholes.

    "I’m really proud of the work our crews do to stay on top of it," said Shuler.

    The work is crucial, because potholes can become dangerous for drivers.

    "Public safety is really important to us,” Shuler said. “That's the business we are in."

    And, Shuler said, it’s just as important to city leaders.

    "Our city council has been great enough to give us more resources to work with," Shuler said.

    But because of the colder temperature this time of year, crews can’t use hot mix asphalt for repairs.

    “Basically, from December until March, most asphalt producers shut down," Shuler said.

    So, they use something called a cold patch.

    "It's good for temporary repairs,” Shuler said. “So, until we are able to get the weather or resources available to get to it, that's what we are able to use."

    But what if a pothole damages your car?

    “We have a process through our risk division to manage that,” Shuler said.

    Shuler said to immediately contact the Public Works Department.

    “It’s typically a phone call because there is quite a bit of information to be exchanged," he said.

    And if you see a pothole on the road, Shuler said you can report it by calling Public Works or report it on the city of Asheville app.

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