Thoughtful act of firefighters in Lake Lure touches thousands

Viewer Shannon Wilson shared a photo on News 13's Facebook page, illustrating the thoughtfulness of the firefighters who saved her home in Lake Lure. (Image credit: Facebook, Shannon Wilson)

"A picture is worth a thousand words." We have all heard the saying. But one photo that was recently shared with News 13 on Facebook is worth a lot more.

Viewer Shannon Wilson posted the photo on Saturday. She says she lives in Lake Lure, and had been evacuated for 7 days.

When she finally arrived home on Saturday, she got a very heart-warming surprise.

Inside of her glass door, she found her American flag, neatly rolled up. All thanks to the thoughtfulness of the firefighters who worked to protect her home.

"It made me have goosbumps the minute I realized what they did," she said in her post.

Now, the photo of the rolled-up flag has gained 193,000 likes on Facebook, and has been shared over 69,000 times.

Well done, firefighters.

Below is what Wilson posted about the photo:

Hi my name is Shannon Wilson and I live in Lake Lure NC. I have been evacuated for 7 days and was finally able to come home today. When I got home I wasn't expecting to see this. These amazing firefighters who have came from all over the world saved my house from the flames. Doing so..they took my flag down and off the flag pole..rolled it up and put it in my glass door so it wouldn't get burned by the fire. I just wanted to share this act of kindness with you. It made me have goosbumps the minute I realized what they did. I thought it would be a great news piece to share with the world. Even in the toughest times WE still respect the flag and who fought for us to wave that flag. Thank you!
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