Tree crushes roof of Henderson County family's home

    Photo: WLOS

    The ice we've been talking about brought down trees and cut power for thousands in Henderson County.

    We found a family that was awakened by a large tree falling on their house.

    In Henderson County we've seen a ton of trees down, because of the heavy ice on branches.

    For one family, the problem was actually a tree on their home.

    "I jumped up. I was scared," said Y'vonte Peterson. "I was like, I hope the whole house didn't fall down."

    "I was sleeping and I heard this big boom," said Y'vonte. "I thought it was a dream. Then my grandpa said, 'Are you OK?'"

    A fallen tree had crushed the family's roof. A family of seven lives there, and they all made it out okay.

    But it was, of course, a rude awakening when the tree fell on their home at about 6 a.m.

    They called 911. When the fire department responded, crews said the family couldn't stay in their home, because the roof is in danger of caving in.

    Now the family is worried about one of these other trees falling on the house.

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