Fallen tree leaves family homeless while mother is in medical coma

(Photo credit: Ryan Dawson)

(UPDATE 8-10-2018): A GoFundMe account to benefit the Ledford family has raised nearly $22,000 in 24 hours.


A family in Haywood County is dealing with multiple challenges all at the same time.

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday, a tree fell onto the home of James and Kristen Ledford near the White Oak community, making the family homeless.

Fortunately, no one was home at the time, including their two young children.

But unfortunately, it comes while Kristen Ledford is in a medical coma in Spartanburg, fighting bacterial meningitis that started with an ear infection.

“So, while my sister lays in a coma her two children and her husband have to now deal with this tragedy as well,” says Kristen’s brother Ryan Dawson. “The tree, where it came through, actually went right through my niece's bedroom.”

The family’s primary focus in on two family members in the hospital. Dawson’s father is in Haywood Regional Medical Center with heart issues and his sister is in the Upstate.

“There is some brain damage,” Dawson said of his sister.

But, he and the family remain optimistic she’ll pull through with physical therapy helping to reverse impacts.

Dawson says the family is relying on faith and love and remain convinced their loved ones will pull through.

With this many challenges, he's started a Go Fund Me account to assist with medical expenses and more.

“We're hoping at this point to use that money to help them with a rental, with a house, to get them situated. So, then we can focus on my sister and not this mess that happened this morning,” Dawson said.

He said with this many challenges all at once, it was time to ask the community for help.

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