Troopers: Rainy weather a factor in armored truck rollover wreck

Troopers say a rollover wreck involving an armored truck in Haywood County was caused by a combination of speed, worn tires, and rainy weather. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

North Carolina Highway Patrol says rainy weather was responsible for several wreck in Haywood County on Wednesday, including an armored truck that hydroplaned and overturned on the Smoky Mountains Expressway near Waynesville.

Troopers said the truck was heading east on the expressway, near Exit 104 at about 9:30 a.m.

According to witness accounts, troopers estimate the truck was traveling at 70 mph. Troopers said three of the truck's tires were also slick, and that combination caused it to hydroplane and crash.

“According to several witnesses, it was exceeding a safe speed, lost control and ran off the road to the left and struck the guardrail and overturned into the median,” Trooper Mike Holcombe said.

Holcombe said the driver of the GardaWorld armored truck Patrick Julian is charged with exceeding a safe speed and driving on unsafe tires.

He and the guard on the truck were treated for minor injuries at Haywood Regional Medical Center.

The wreck backed up traffic on the expressway until the armored truck was towed to an undisclosed location, where another vehicle from the company came to retrieve the money onboard.

With a rainy week ahead, Trooper Holcombe reminds drivers to make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition, is equipped with good tires, and advises drivers to not exceed the speed limit.

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