Turkey stops traffic in Arden neighborhood

A wild turkey is stopping traffic in an Arden neighborhood near I-26.

People living along Glenn Bridge Road say the turkey has been spotted daily for the past couple of months.

"I've seen the turkey around here a lot, but he just hangs around for a little while and then the next day you might not see him and then the next day you do," Roy Moede, who lives nearby, said.

Some people are scared of the turkey and others can't stop laughing it.

"You can bump it, but that don't help. He fights back!" Moede said laughing. "The bus hit it the other day, and he just went like that back and just stood right there, like, 'I’m not moving!'"

"Everybody stops just to watch it," J.L. Roland, who drives through that area, said. "It’s definitely something hilarious to see. I enjoyed watching it!"

The turkey doesn't seem afraid of anything or anyone, especially the mailman.

"This whole time it was so hilarious for me to see this thing because it was obvious it was attacking that van, and I would suppose, had the letter carrier gotten out, it would've probably attacked him! I'm not sure," Roland said. "With its beak and its claws, I imagine it could do some damage. Either that or attack the back of me as a streak off down the road trying to get away from it."

"He'll stop the school bus up here in the road. And the traffic has got to stand there and just ease on by him when he stands right there," Moede said.

Many are afraid the turkey will be hit and killed while crossing Glenn Bridge Road, which is fairly busy.

Some people told News 13's Jerrika Insco that they feed the turkey which probably keeps it around and neighbors said they're fine with that.

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