Two arrested in Charlotte after string of robberies dating back months

    Jonathan Gardin, left, and Mandale Huntley, right. (Photo credit: WSOC)

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they have arrested two men after a string of robberies across Charlotte dating back months.

    Officials tell ABC affiliate WSOC that 34-year-old Jonathan Gardin and 26-year-old Mandale Huntley were charged for their involvement in several armed robberies.

    Police said the suspects have been on CMPD's radar since 2017.

    "It's been 17 months with no sleep because we don't take these things lightly. I certainly don't, and the department doesn't, because this is what we do," CMPD Sgt. Brian Scharf said.

    CMPD said officers were in the parking lot of a Family Dollar on Valleydale Road when they saw Gardin running from the business carrying cigarettes.

    Officers arrested Gardin after a short foot chase. Police said they found a firearm and other evidence around the scene.

    Police said the initial investigation revealed Gardin had robbed the store at gunpoint moments before officers arrived in the area.

    Officers said they also found and arrested Huntley, who was driving the "getaway vehicle" nearby.

    Detectives said during the investigation, it was determined Gardin was involved in robberies at three other businesses and Huntley was involved in one other business robbery in the Charlotte area.

    "Officer pulls in, sees a slower guy run, chases him and catches him. Low and behold, we get a guy who has committed quite a bit of crime here in Charlotte," Scharf said.

    Jonathan Gardin incidents:

    • Jan. 3, 2018 - Family Dollar on Old Statesville Road
    • Jan. 3, 2018 - Xpress Mart on Glenwood Drive
    • Dec. 26, 2018 - Family Dollar on Nation Ford Road
    • Feb. 16, 2019 - Family Dollar on Valleydale Road

    Mandale Huntley incidents:

    • Dec. 26, 2018 - Family Dollar on Nation Ford Road
    • Feb. 16, 2019 - Family Dollar on Valleydale Road

    CMPD told WSOC there is a chance the pair could be connected to close to 40 different robberies throughout the city.

    Police said they will be reviewing other open robbery cases and there may be additional charges.

    WSOC spoke with the assistant manager of the Xpress Mart on Glenwood Drive, which police said was one of the spots hit.

    Mohamed Abdelrahmal said he is thankful arrests have been made and hopes it teaches a tough lesson.

    "He comes to the store and takes all the money from the register. That's not fair," Abdelrahmal said. "People who make robberies once, they carry a gun and threaten someone's life, they must go to prison."

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