UNC-A professor charged, accused of taking political sign

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    A UNC-A instructor is charged with a misdemeanor after accusations that she stole a political sign.

    Mike Summey, treasurer of the local political action committee Angry Buncombe Taxpayers, says he saw associate English professor Amanda Wray and an unidentified woman grab the sign Friday, near the intersection of Leicester Highway and Mt. Carmel Road.

    Wray turned herself in Sunday morning.

    Removing a lawfully placed political sign is a crime in North Carolina.

    Summey, who is the treasurer of the local political action committee, says he caught Wray and the other woman in the act, saying that he pulled over and confronted them, and they then ran toward a vehicle.

    He says he snapped a picture of the vehicle, which is how he was able to track Wray down with the help of law enforcement.

    Angry Buncombe Taxpayers paid for the signs to be placed throughout the county.

    Summey says he's disappointed that the accused turned out to be a university professor.

    "My question is real simple. What is a 38-year-old woman with a Ph.D., that's a college professor, doing out at 10 o'clock at night stealing political signs? What does that say to our young people? What does that say to the community about some of the people that are working down at our local university?" Summey asked.

    We reached out to Wray, who has no comment.

    A spokesperson for UNC-A would only confirm Wray's employment there, and said the issue was between Wray and law enforcement.

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