UNC Asheville professor discovers new snake species

UNC Asheville professor discovers new snake species (Photo credit: Graham Reynolds)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A UNCA biology professor has discovered a new snake.

Graham Reynolds found a new species of boid snake on a research trip to a remote corner of the Bahamas.

Reynolds and the Harvard team he was leading named it the silver boa for its unique coloring.

Researchers say the new species is critically endangered, and discovering it now will give them the opportunity to intervene.

"It's something I teach in my classes," Professor Graham Reynolds said. "We think we know a lot about biodiversity, but there's still things like this that we had no idea about. The Bahamas is fairly well-studied, lots of scientists work there and here you have something - a pretty large vertebrate that nobody knew was there."

On that Caribbean research trip, Reynolds' team found six silver boas including one that slithered directly over his forehead while he was sleeping.

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