Vandals hit 2nd West Asheville business

"Seen Around Asheville" took photos of graffiti scrawled on the exterior of One World Brewing on Haywood Road on Wednesday, May 23. (Photo credit: Seen Around Asheville)

A West Asheville brewery wan't the only business vandalized overnight Tuesday.

One World Brewing general manager Lindsay Andrasik said when she showed up for work Wednesday, the building was vandalized. She said the DeSoto Lounge next door was also vandalized. Paint was splashed on the pavers and sign, along with offensive messages written on the building.

Andrasik said this is the third or fourth time One World Brewing has been hit.

"It was definitely emotional, because we are just a few weeks from opening. And so, we've had some vandalism in the past, but this by far is the biggest extent of it," Andrasik said.

She said the brewery plans to install security cameras and other security features.

Asheville police are investigating the vandalism.

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