Voter ID measure would delay requirement until 2020

    Photo credit: WLOS Staff

    Surfacing legislation would essentially delay requiring photo identification to vote in North Carolina until the 2020 elections, because of concerns about the deadlines to finalize ID rules and as previously unscheduled congressional elections approach.

    Senate Republicans filed a measure to slow the required use of voter ID to vote in person that a legislative committee planned to debate on Tuesday.

    A December law implementing voter ID suggested voters could have to show qualifying cards for elections held as early as this spring.

    Congressional elections for the 3rd and 9th districts also are creating unplanned work for election officials. While 9th District elections were already exempt from voter ID, 3rd District primary voting begins later this week with mail-in absentee requests that also must soon meet new standards.

    The State Board of Elections has a public comment portal that allows the public to submit comments directly to the State Board of Elections. Click here to visit the portal.

    If you prefer to submit your comment by other means, you may email or mail to State Board of Elections, Attn: Katelyn Love, Deputy General Counsel, P.O. Box 27255, Raleigh, NC 27611-7255.

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