NCDOT releases list of road projects for next 10 years

    The North Carolina Department of Transportation has released its list of projects for the next 10 years and 28 projects have been added across the 17 counties in Western North Carolina. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    The North Carolina Department of Transportation has released its list of projects for the next 10 years.

    "The State Transportation Improvement Program," NCDOT's David Uchiyama said.

    It’s released every two years and establishes the projects for which NCDOT has received funding.

    "Included in the list today are projects looking 10 years out in the future," Uchiyama said.

    On the list are delayed, accelerated and new projects.

    "Every county across the state is going to be impacted by the results of the program that is released [Thursday]," Uchiyama said.

    "Across the 17 counties in Western North Carolina, there are 28 projects that have been added."

    One of the 28 is modernizing North Louisiana Avenue in Asheville from Patton Avenue to Emma Road.

    And though DOT doesn't have a design, Uchiyama said it usually means improving the shoulders and maybe adding bike lanes.

    "I think that it’s an amazing idea," Primal Studios owner Cynthia Sims said.

    Sims said the improvements are definitely needed.

    "I know I’ve seen lots of people walking down the street, and they are practically on the road," Sims said.

    It's a problem Dennis Myers, who owns Blue Ridge Sign Supply, is familiar with.

    "I try to bike here, but it’s almost impossible unless you want to get run over," Myers said.

    Myers also welcomes the change.

    "It’s really needed. It's a dangerous road right now. Too narrow,” Myers said. “People go too fast. An upgrade would be perfect."

    NCDOT will host meetings from Feb. 25–March 1 to get public input about these projects.

    “Public feedback is always critical because the public are the people that are going to benefit from these projects," Uchiyama said.

    Right of way acquisition for the Louisiana Avenue project is expected to start in 2025 and construction in 2026.

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