WNC Red Cross volunteer heads to California to help wildfire victims

Red Cross volunteer Fran Schlesinger headed to California on Thursday to assist at a shelter. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

The local American Red Cross is deploying volunteers to assist victims of the California wildfires.

Fran Schlesinger headed there Thursday to assist at a shelter. It is her first deployment outside the region while serving as a Red Cross volunteer. She said she'll be providing nursing services once she arrives. Schlesinger is prepared to stay at least two weeks.

"We'll assist anybody with any minor injuries that are in the shelters. We'll help them to start replacing medications or medical equipment that they may have lost if their home has been lost by the wildfires," Schlesinger said as she waited for her flight out of Asheville Regional Airport.

The Red Cross anticipates several more volunteers from our region will also deploy over the next few days.

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