Woman comic store owner welcomes all 'nerds' in West Asheville

    Photo: WLOS

    An Asheville entrepreneur calls her comic store a "Nerd Sanctuary.'

    "Like as a female walking into a comic book store, I had people give me that look of, 'Oh would you just hurry up and pick out whatever you're getting for your boyfriend, and go ahead and make the purchase,'" Owner Morgan Albritton told News 13. "Like I couldn't be a genuine nerd myself."

    Last August, Albritton bought the former Haywood Comics at 600 Haywood Road, renaming it Morgan's Comics. She hopes to empower customers with her own brand of empowerment.

    "Like, this little girl, she looked at me and said 'Mom, she's Wonder Woman!'" Morgan said with a laugh.

    She's proud to have her very own comic comfort zone.

    "This wasn't true before, but now I actually own the store," Morgan told customer Kat Staley. "So, talk about good things."

    "Girl power!" Staley replied, giving her a high five.

    "And it turns out it made me the first female comic bookstore owner outside of marriage in WNC," Morgan added.

    Albritton's business partner is Dora Jean Gaston, so the store has two woman owners.

    "It's a great store and it's a great story, and she's got that power behind it. I think it's really great," Staley says.

    Morgan's been a huge fan of science fiction and superheroes for years.

    She showed us a picture of herself as a teenager, wearing a Jurassic Park T-shirt and holding a Star Trek phaser.

    "I've loved nerd stuff since I was a little kid," she said.

    Let's just say she never outgrew her love for such things.

    "Being a female, liking that kind of thing is even more something you kind of hung your head low, and people snickered around the corner," she recalled. "But I've loved it when I was little. Like She-Ra, He-Man, that's the first thing I remember seeing on television ever."

    She had to discover her personal super power to blaze her own path. Morgan says she wants to give self-proclaimed nerds a safe haven.

    "Like the store wouldn't be what it is without you guys," she said to Staley at the counter.

    "We'll come back this weekend for sure. I'm so proud of you," the customer said, giving Albritton a parting high five.

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