Yeast-production company's Asheville facility hosts open house

White Labs opened its doors Thursday in downtown Asheville. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

A company that makes yeast for beer opened its doors Thursday in downtown Asheville

White Labs, which is based in San Diego, opened a facility in Asheville to serve the beer scene and all of the East Coast.

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White Labs CEO Chris White said, with only four main ingredients in beer, the right yeast can make all the difference.

"Yeast makes over 500 flavor and aroma compounds that come together in different ways for different strains to give the full flavor of a beer," Whit said. "So they make the Co2 and alcohol, which defines the fermentation and the beer being beer. But all the other little flavor and aroma compounds make the full palate and aroma."

White said White Labs makes high-quality liquid yeast that enables the company to deliver fresher yeast to enhance the flavor of local beers.

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