Father of girl, a cancer survivor who killed herself, has message for bullies

Bethany Thompson, 11, took her own life because of bullying. Now her father is taking a stand against bullying. (WRGT)

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ohio (WRGT) - The father of an 11 year old girl -- a brain cancer survivor -- who took her own life because of constant bullying, has committed himself to ending bullying in schools.

Bethany Thompson was 11 years old when she killed herself.

"She was a very fun, loving and giving person," Paul Thompson, Bethany's father, said.

She took her own life two weeks ago.

"Nobody should have to bury their kid," Paul said. "She went home and decided that enough was enough."

Eight years ago, Bethany survived a surgery to remove a tumor from her brain. The operation caused a damaged nerve that left Bethany with a crooked smile.

Paul said bullies picked on his daughter because of her crooked smile.

"It needs to stop," Paul said. "This has been the second time in four years at a school that's roughly 50 to 60 kids per class.

"If I can take one day off a week and go talk to 100 kids and save one of them it's going to be worth it and that's what I'm looking to do."

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