Girl bitten while swimming near Myrtle Beach pier

    (Cristy Torres/Facebook)

    A video circulating on Facebook that shows a young girl after she was bitten by something in the ocean off Myrtle Beach has gotten a lot of attention.

    The video, posted by Cristy Torres on July 3, shows a girl being treated by a lifeguard and others on the beach. She has a bloody towel wrapped around her leg from the apparent bite.

    Torres says in her post that the bite happened on Monday July 2 "as families were enjoying a nice swim a young girl got bit by a shark her family yelling for help as her family took her out the water the shark took a hold of her leg."

    Her video has been shared almost 9,000 times and has been viewed almost 180,000 times as of around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

    Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue confirmed that they transported a patient for a "marine life incident at around 2:55pm at 1306 N Ocean Blvd." on Monday. This is the address for Pier 14.

    Lt. Jonathan Evans said the patient was taken to Grand Strand for treatment.

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    Experts advise against swimming near any fishing piers because marine life generally gathers around there to catch the bait being cast by fishermen, or to eat the remains tossed into the water.

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