Mother and daughter beaten over a parking space in Texas


    SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A family outing, turned violent after a disagreement over a parking spot.

    A woman and her daughter say they were attacked by a stranger who accused them of taking the spot he'd been waiting for.

    Fox San Antonio talked with the victims who shared exclusive details.

    "He put his hands on her, he beat her that makes me angry," Norma Lozano said.

    She's angry about her daughter who's still battered and bruised, after a vicious attack last week by a crazed man who was ticked off over a parking spot he didn't get.

    "I just blew him off I'm parked I'm going in," Norma Lozano said.

    The drama happened outside Golden Wok on Marbach near Loop 410.

    The angry man, yelled and cursed, accusing two women of taking his parking spot.

    "I'm parked, go find another parking," Norma Lozano said. "There's other parking slots in the parking lot."

    Instead the stranger began to take his anger out on their car kicking, and punching but that's wasn't enough.

    He then turned to Anjelica Lozano.

    "I just remember my hair being pulled getting hit to my face he threw me down to the ground he was punching me," said Anjelica Lozano.

    Her mother Norma Lozano was next.

    "He came at me, and he pushed me and he uppercut me I flew through the air and I landed and I hit my head," Norma Lorzano said. "I didn't know what was happening, I was on the ground, my head was pounding, my back is hurting. I didn't know what was happening."

    "And then I turn and see my daughter and her face is all swollen,” Norma Lozano said.

    Dazed and confused, the mother-daughter pair remember seeing a group of witnesses trying to calm the man down.

    Several of them took pictures of him and his license plates and passed them to police.

    "I want this guy off the street he's a monster," Norma Lozano said. "He's a monster with a short fuse. I want this guy off the street, I want him behind bars."

    The family has been frustrated because even with help from witnesses police haven't made an arrest.

    Late Friday police said they’ve identified a possible suspect and are moving forward with the investigation.

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